Quantum Helium Management Corporation

First Helium Refiner in Canada in 40 Years

About Us

Quantum Helium Management Corporation is a BC, Canada based company who started Helium refining from a gas well in Saskatchewan in 2013. The successful launch of the project resulted in a steady helium supply for our customers.

We deliver:

  • bulk helium by tube trailers, ours or our customers', out of Saskatchewan, Canada everywhere in North America.
  • trailers full of cylinders, ours or our customers', out of Saskatchewan, Canada everywhere in North America.
  • Individual and up to any number of cylinders from our filling stations in Durham, North Carolina, USA and in the Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada area.

We welcome our customers' tube trailers and cylinders for re-filling on our sites.

In addition, we offer custom solutions depending on requested helium amount, delivery needs and technological requirements.

Quantum Helium Management Corporation commits to save its customers between 10 and 50% of the current Helium costs through:

A. Supply of Helium:

1. Supply of Helium trailers to its North American customers: between 50,000 and 200,000 cubic feet (1,500 and 6,000 m3) per supply

2. Supply of helium in cylinders between 50 and 600 cubic feet (1.5 and 15 m3) per cylinder.

B. Services related to Helium

a. Purification (scientific, industrial, airships)

b. Recovery (scientific, industrial, airships)

In collaboration with Quantum Technology Corporation - company specialized in Helium systems for 33 years, we can provide a Total Helium Management solution to save money and time to our customers.

C. Advertising Services

a. Together with our partners in North America and Europe, we can provide a total advertising solution using Helium systems (airships, aerostats) to our customers.

Pricing and delivery information: please call 1-888-271-9466, or email us at sales@quantum-technology.com for quotes.

Distributors and end customers alike are welcome.

For additional information, please see: Helium MSDS

For typical gas composition, please see: Spec Sheet