Quantum Markets

We focus on the following market segments:

A. Hydrogen

I. Hydrogen Liquefaction:

Our state-of-the-art hydrogen liquefiers, from small units - several kilograms per day using cold head technologies, to large units - several tons per day using advanced turbine technologies.

II. Hydrogen Production:

Quantum Technology develops small-to-large hydrogen production plants, from kg/day to multiple tons/day units.

B. Helium

I. Scientific and medical equipment for cryogenic applications:

Our state-of-the-art helium (and other rare gases) recovery, purification and liquefaction systems are largest and the most advanced technologically in their class. In addition, our standard and custom-made cryostats assist researchers in all corners of the world. We offer the longest warranty and lowest maintenance costs in our class. Additionally our expertise and product range covers the most modern coldheads down to 2.3K, systems which use liquid helium superconducting magnets (such as NMRs, MRIs, etc.), MEG systems for medical applications, helium-3/helium-4 milliKelvin dilution refrigerators, cryogenic measurement cryostats, various size helium and cryogenic vacuum facilities.

II. Industrial recovery systems:

Quantum has developed and deployed proprietary recovery systems for a number of industrial applications such as metal deposition processes, vacuum furnaces, fiber optics, aerospace, lighter-than-air applications, and essentially all helium, neon and other rare gas recovery systems. Our customers worldwide enjoy the fully automatic systems, integrated in their industrial process. We have developed standard solutions which reduce the investment and the time-to-market.

III. Helium production plants:

In 2014, Quantum has restarted to harvest helium in Canada after more than 40 years. Our fully automatic Helium production plant deployed in Swift Current, SK, has operated under harsh conditions in an essentially un-manned manner. The Helium produced by our plant is marketed and sold by Quantum Helium Management all across North America. We continue to develop larger plants for a variety of gaswells (inert and/or natural gas-based), in Canada, US, Africa, ME and Europe.

IV. Consulting and One-Of-A-Kind projects:

Our team of world-renowned scientists assist customers on all continents with their needs related to cryogenics, refrigeration, energy and power generation. Thus, we are assisting the Canadian government with the development of the 30 Meter Telescope international project, among other highly visible projects.